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Customer Portal

As a customer of someone using Logistik Courier, you have the ability to create, view, and modify orders you have placed with your Courier. To begin, navigate in your web browser to the address provided to you by your Courier.

Getting to Know Logistik

When you log into Logistik Courier for the first time, you’ll be presented with a list of your Open orders. These are orders that have been placed with your Courier, and they are currently working on.

Looking at the top left hand corner of the software, you’ll see the “Sidebar” button. This button is used to pop out the Side navigation bar. Within the “Side Navigation bar”, you’ll see 3 different options for pages you can navigate to. Clicking on any of these will bring you to their respective page.

Up in the top right corner of the screen, you’ll see the “Settings” button. Clicking this button will present you with a menu that presents you with the option to view your account, configure your display, change your password, and log out.

Submitting an order

  1. To submit an order to your courier, open the Side Navigation Bar and select “Submit Order”, or from the “Orders” page, you’ll see a “Submit Order” button. Clicking on this button will bring up the “Order Creation Form”. Within the “Order Creation Form”, you’ll be presented with several different “Cards”. These include fields that need to be filled out in order to submit your order to your Courier.
  2. Starting with the “Order Details” card, you’ll need to select the “Service Type” you’re requesting for this delivery. Your courier will have a list of “Service Types” for you to select from. Next, you’ll need to select a “Package Type”. This is used to describe as closely as possible what type of product or freight you need moved. If you don’t see a package type that matches what you need to have couriered, please contact your Courier. The next field in the “Order Details” card is the “Endorsements” field. Endorsements are used to indicate if there are any special requirements for the vehicle you are requesting. An example would be: You have a load of pallets that need to be moved, however they require a refrigerated truck. You would then select the “refrigeration” endorsement from the endorsements list to indicate to your courier that you require a refrigerated truck for this order.
  3. The “Origin” card, and each of the “Destination” cards need to be filled out with a “Location Name”, a street address, and contact info. If you haven’t been to a location before, when you attempt to submit an order Logistik will ask you if you want to save the location for future use. If there are any instructions you wish to pass along to the driver, you can enter them in the “Special Instructions” field for each stop. If there is a Purchase Order or Reference number associated with a product your courier will be picking up, you can put them in the “Pkg Ref” field, along with a brief description of the product in the “Description” field. If you have more than one package being picked up or delivered, you can press the “+” button next to the first “Description” field to add a line for another package. The same is true if you have multiple contacts at a stop.
  4. The next card in the “Order Creation Form” is the “Billing Details” card. This card includes more information regarding your order, including the Reference Number, Billing Reference Number, Piece count, Weight, and Volume of your order. The “Reference Number” field should be used for whichever order number your courier will be picking up (if applicable). The “Billing Reference Number” field will be what the customer uses to bill you for this order.
  5. The last card you’ll need to fill out will be the “Schedule Details” card. This card indicates at what time your order will be ready to be picked up, and when it needs to be delivered. These times will automatically fill in as you select a service type based on the order being ready now, however you can set the time at which an order is ready to be picked up in the “Pickup Window Start” field, and when the order needs to be delivered by in the “Delivery Window End” field. If your order needs to be picked up within a certain time range, or delivered within a certain time range, you can click on the “More” button to add a “Pickup Window End” and “Delivery Window Start”. Please note that you will be unable to modify place an order if the time between the “Pickup Window Start” and the “Delivery Window End” violates the constraints of the service type you have selected.
  6. If your courier has the “Price Estimate” Feature enabled, you will be able to see an estimate of the price of your delivery in the “Price Estimate” card.
  7. When you have reviewed all of the delivery information, you can click on “Submit Order” at either the top or bottom of the “Order Creation Form” to finalize your order. If there are any issues, Logistik will prompt you to fix them before the order can be placed.

Viewing an Active Order

If you wish to view an “Active Order” of yours, you can use the Side Navigation Bar to navigate to “Open Orders”. This will bring up a list of any “Open” orders that are currently placed and/or in progress. You can single click on an order to highlight that order within the list, or you can click on the “Order ID” to bring up all of the details.

When viewing the details of an order that you have placed, if a driver has picked it up and your Courier has the “Package Location” feature enabled, you will be able to see a location of your order in real time via GPS.

If you need to modify an order, you will need to contact your Courier. Logistik does not support editing orders through the customer portal in an effort to prevent delivery issues.

Viewing a Past Order

If you wish to view one of the orders that your Courier has completed for you, you can do so by using the Side Navigation Bar to navigate to “Past Orders”. From here you will be able to look through a list of all of the orders your Courier has marked “Completed”.

If you have any questions about how to use the customer portal, please contact your Courier.