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The “Endorsement” feature in Logistik Courier is a way of designating a unique vehicle without needing to create a vehicle type specifically for that vehicle. For example, if you have a “Dock Truck” Vehicle Type, and some of the “Dock Truck” vehicles in your fleet are refrigerated, you could create a “Refrigerated” Endorsement to differentiate between the two vehicles. This allows the artificial intelligence in Logistik to filter out any of your “Dock Truck” vehicle types if the order in question requires the “Refrigerated” endorsement.

Viewing your Endorsements

To get started with “Endorsements”, navigate to the Company Administration page and click on “Endorsements”. From here, you will see a list of any current “Endorsements” that your company has set up.

Creating an Endorsement

  1. To create a new “Endorsement”:
  2. Click the action button within this page and select “Add Endorsement”.
  3. Give your new “Endorsement” a name.
  4. Select whether or not it will be an active “Endorsement”.
  5. When you have finished with this, click “Save” to finalize your new “Endorsement”.

Using Endorsements

When submitting an order, within the “Order Details” section, you will see a dropdown for “Required Endorsements”. From that dropdown, you can select any required “Endorsements” for the order, and Logistik will filter available drivers based on the “Endorsement” requirements. Please note that you can override the AI and select a driver without a required endorsement if you wish to do so.

Editing and Deleting Endorsements

To Edit or Delete an Endorsement, navigate to the “Endorsements” page and select the Endorsement you wish to edit by clicking on it. When you have selected the Endorsement you wish to modify, you can click the action button and select “Edit” to modify the Endorsement.