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Logistik Courier has a built in tool to assist you with invoicing your customers. To create a customer invoice start by navigating to the Company Administration page, then click on “Customer Invoicing” to navigate to the Invoicing Page.

Creating an Invoice

From the invoicing page, you will see a list of all of the invoices you have already generated. To create a new invoice, click the “Action” button and select “Invoice a Customer”. At this point you will be presented with the “Invoice creation tool”. To generate an invoice:

  1. Select which customer you'll be invoicing
  2. Give the invoice a name
  3. Add any notes you have regarding this invoice
  4. Select which date range this invoice will be for
  5. Select which orders will be on this invoice
  6. Click “Save” to create the invoice

You'll notice there are a couple check boxes within the Invoice Creation Tool. These check boxes indicate the status of the invoice. You can mark either of these statuses as you create the invoice, or after the invoice is created by editing the invoice.

Modifying an Invoice

If you need to modify an invoice, you can do so by clicking on the Invoice from the Invoice List. Upon clicking on the invoice, you'll be redirected to a page with the details of the invoice you've selected. From there, you can click the action button to Edit, or Undo (delete) the selected invoice.

Printing an Invoice

To print an Invoice, select the Invoice from the Invoice List, and click the action button and select “Print View”. This will bring up the default print tool of your OS, along with a printable view of the Invoice.