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Creating an order.

To create a new order, start by opening the Order Creation Form. Once you have the Order Creation Form open, you'll need to:

  1. Select which customer you will be billing
  2. Select the service type for the order
  3. Enter any “Order-Wide” special instructions (these special instructions are viewable from any step of the delivery)
  4. Add any necessary endorsements to the order
  5. Fill out the origin and destination cards, adding stops as you need to
  6. Enter the reference number for the order in the “Billing Details” card
  7. Enter the weight, volume, and piece counts for the order (if applicable)
  8. Enter the schedule details for the order (Available and due times)
  9. Press the “Submit Order” button

You can repeat these steps to enter additional orders. For more details about the Order Creation Form, you can watch our video “Creating an order with Logistik”, or view the Order Creation Form documentation.