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Package Types

The use of Package Types is how Logistik Courier software determines which orders will fit in which Vehicles.

Viewing your Package Types

To view your package types, start by navigating to the Company Administration page and clicking the link for “Package Types”.

Within the Package Types page, you’ll find a list of any package types that your company is currently using. To the right of the name of the package type, you’ll see the “Vehicle Type” bubbles. These bubbles indicate which Vehicle Types can be used to haul the package type.

Creating a Package Type

To create a Package Type:

  1. Click the action button and select “Add Package Type”.
  2. From here you’ll be presented with two fields. The first field will be the name for you package type. This is what will appear when you’re choosing from the list of package types available for orders. The next field is used to indicate which vehicles are capable to hauling the package type you’re creating. When you click on this field, a list of your current Vehicle Types will appear. You can click on any of these vehicle types to indicate they are capable of hauling this package type (a check mark will appear next to the vehicle types you’ve selected)
  3. When you have finished creating your package type, you can click on “Save” to finalize the package type and return to the list of Package Types.

Modifying or Deleting a Package Type

You are able to view, edit, or delete any package types by clicking on the link within the list, and using the action button to “Edit” or “Delete”.