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Price Lists

Logistik Courier Software supports multiple price lists to assist you when billing out orders. To create or modify your price lists, go to the Company Administration page, and click on the link to “Price Lists” in the “Billing Setup” card.

Types of Charges

  • Flat Rate Charges - These types of charges are used to add a fixed price charge to an order
  • Distance Charges - These types or charges calculate the distance between the origin and destination and then calculate the charge based on mileage
  • Package Count Charges - These types of charges are used to charge a flat rate based on the number of packages on an order
  • Stop Count Charges - These types of charges charge a fixed rate based on how many stops are included within an order.
  • Fuel Charges - These types of charges can be used to add a surcharge based on fuel rates.
  • Weight Charges - These types of charges can be used to add a surcharge based on the weight of an order.
  • Space Charges - These types of charges can be used to add a surcharge based on how much volume an order takes up.

Creating a Price List

Within the “Price Lists” page, you’ll find a list of all of your current price lists. To create a new Price Lists, click on the action button and select “Add Price List”. From here, you’ll need to name your price list and make sure its marked “Active”. After you have named your price list, click save and you’ll be presented with a list of “Charges” you can add to this price list.

Adding Charges

To add a Flat Rate Charge:

  • Click the “+ Add” next to “Flat Rate Charges”. Upon clicking “+ Add” You’ll be presented with the charge creation form.
  • The first section you’ll need to fill out will be “Basic Properties”. There are 2 dropdowns you’ll find within that section, the first being which price list this is a part of (This will by default be the price list you were viewing when you clicked “+ Add”), and the second will be the type of charge you wish to add (which will be default be the type of charge you clicked).
  • If you misclicked the type of charge you wish to add you can easily change it by using the “Charge Type” dropdown and selecting the one you wish to add.
  • The last field in the “Basic Properties” is the “Name” field. This is what you’ll use to name the charge you’re adding.
  • Next, you’ll need to fill out the “Additional Properties” section.
  • Use the “Charge Amount” section to indicate the amount this charge should add to an order.
  • If this charge will pay a driver a different amount than their normal commission would be, you can use the “Override Driver Commission” field to indicate the amount the driver should be paid.
  • Moving on the next section, we have “Relevancy”. This will be used to determine when this charge can/will apply to an order. You’ll have 3 dropdowns available within this section. The first dropdown will allow you to select which customers this charge applies to. The second dropdown will allow you to select which “Package types” this charge is applicable for. The final dropdown will allow you to select which “Service Types” this charge is applicable for.
  • The last section is the “Advanced Properties” section. Within this section you have the ability to have this charge Auto-Apply to orders (please note, this charge will only auto apply to orders that meet the criteria), the ability to have this charge apply the customer price multiplier (by default this the charge will be set to apply the customer price modifier), and the Driver Commission Type. You can use the driver commission type dropdown to select whether the driver will be paid standard commission, no commission, or a modified commission rate.
  • When you have finished filling out all of the information in the “Charge Creation Form”, click “Save” to finalize the charge.

Upon clicking “Save” you’ll be brought back to the “Price List” overview, and can now add more charges to the price list.

To add a Distance Charge:

  • Click the “+ Add” by the “Distance Charges”.
  • Once again, you’ll start by filling out the “Basic Properties”.
  • After you’ve named the new charge, you’ll create the tiers of distance for this charge. If you wish to have each tier increase by a static amount, set that amount in the “Rate per Additional Unit” Field.
  • Once you have the Rate per Unit set, you can click the “+ Add Tier” button to create new tiers of distance that the software will use to calculate the distance charges.
  • You can modify any of the tiers to have a custom value by selecting the tier in the list and changing the “Range Start”, “Base Charge Amount”, and “Range End” fields.
  • Within the Distance Price Tier tool, you’re also able to select whether you wish to calculate based on “Air” or “Driving” distance, as well as which distance unit you wish to use (Miles or Kilometers).
  • There is a check box within this tool that allows you to indicate whether you wish the miles to “accumulate per leg of trip”. When this is selected, the software will calculate the total distance between stops, and add a single charge. When this is not selected, the distance charge will appear as different line items within the charge list, allowing you to modify the price for each leg of the trip separately.
  • Upon completing your Price Tiers, fill out the “Relevancy” and “Advanced Properties” sections, and finalize your charge by clicking “Save”.

The “Package Count”, “Stop Count”, “Fuel Charges”, “Weight Charges”, and “Space Charges” all function in the same way as the “Distance Charges”. When you’ve added all of the charges that are applicable to this price list, you can click the action button and “Return to List”.

Modifying or Deleting a Price List

To modify or Delete a price list, navigate to the “Price Lists” page, and select the Price List you wish to modify. From there, use the action button to either Edit or Delete the price list. To modify a charge within the price list, select the charge in question from the list of charges within the price list, then use the “Action Button” to edit said charge.