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Service Types

In Logistik, you can have as many service types as you desire. Logistik currently offers 2 different methods of calculating due times within Service Types.

Viewing your Service Types

To view your service types, navigate to the Company Administration page and click on the link for “Service Types”. From here you’ll see a list of all of the service types your company offers.

Creating a Service Type

To create a new service type, click on the action button and select “Add Service Type”.

  1. The first thing you’ll need to do to create a service type is to assign it a name. This name will be what appears in the list when you’re selecting a service type for an order.
  2. After you’ve named your service type, you’ll need to decide how this service type will calculate due times. For orders that will be due a set amount of time after they are placed (or are ready to be picked up), select “Time Period”. For orders that are due by a specific time of day, select “End of Day”.
  3. Verify that the check box is marked for “active” if this is a service type that your company will be using.
  4. The next field is either “Time to deliver packages” or “End of Day to deliver packages”. For example, if you had a 3 hour service type, you would select “Time Period”, and then put 3 hrs and 0 minutes” in the “Time to deliver packages” field.
  5. When you have finished entering the relevant data for service types, click on “Save” to finish creating the service type.

Editing and Deleting Service Types

You can edit any of the service types you have created by clicking on the link for the service type you wish to modify within the service types list. From here, you can use the action button to either “Edit” or “Delete” the service type you are viewing.