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Each person that uses Logistik Courier will be a “User” within your “Organization”. There are currently 3 types of user “Authorizations”: Administrators, Dispatchers, and Drivers. Each user within your organization can have 1 or more of these “Authorizations”.

Types of Users

  • Administrators: Have full control over Logistik Courier.
  • Dispatchers: Can manage customers, saved locations and contacts, view users, can create and modify orders, and can run basic reports.
  • Drivers: Can view orders assigned to them and mark them complete.

By default, the person who creates your Logistik Courier account will be the first Administrator. This person can then begin creating the other users within your organization by navigating to the “Organization” page via the sidebar. Once you are in the “Organization” page, you will see a list of all of the current users within your organization, along with their email address, phone number, and respective “Authorizations”.

Creating a new User

To create a new user within your organization, begin by:

  1. Clicking the “Action” button, and select “+ Create User”. This will bring up the “User Creation Form”.
  2. Fill out the “Contact Information” section. When you fill in the new users Email Address, you will notice that the username field will automatically populate with their Email Address. You can override this if you wish.
  3. Set a password for the new user. Currently, Logistik does not have any requirements for password strength.
  4. Assign “Authorizations”. Administrator and Dispatcher authorizations do not require any more information. Driver authorizations require you to set a commission rate, Vehicle Type and Endorsements. If you wish to have a different display name on the Driver Map, you can assign a unique ID in the “Map Display ID” field. Logistik also supports a scheduling feature. Within the scheduling form, you can set when a driver will be available.
  5. After you are finished filling out the “User Creation Form” you can click the “Save” button to finalize the new user.

Viewing and Editing Your Users

You can view any of your current users by clicking on their name within the users list (Organization Page). If you wish to edit a User you can do so by:

  1. Clicking on the “Action” button while viewing the user
  2. Selecting “Edit”.

While editing a user you can also assign, or remove authorizations from them. For example, if you have a Driver that becomes a dispatcher, you can edit them, and then assign the “Dispatcher” authorization to them. Please note, you can only add a dispatcher if you have an available dispatcher seat.

To delete a User within Logistik, you can:

  1. “Edit” the user you wish to delete
  2. Uncheck the “Active” checkbox within the User Edit Form

This will move the the User to the bottom of the list with a strikethrough through their name.

If you wish to filter users based on Authorizations, you can click the “Action” button from within the “Organization” page, and select the authorizations you wish to filter.